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Message Subject Earthquakes 4.1 South Carolina & 3.1 Oklahoma hit right by Mysterious booms reported by news. Plus more New Madrid booms blamed on ice
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Grecia - felt shaking which is lasting for a long time, now mild tremors, feel like rolling and has lasted 3 minutes
Evans, Georgia - I felt the quake in Evans, GA, and my mother felt the same quake 50 miles away in Washington, GA. Lasted for less than 1 minute.
Laurens - 10:25 eastern time light shake felt like a train went by
Athens - Chair I was sitting in felt like it was hit by something
thomaston - no damageto anything in the house. none we can see outside, but it is too dark to see.
Bogart, GA - No, it lasted about 4 seconds, probably around a 3.5
Evans - Some shaking of the house
Georgia - Audible rumbling followed by ~ 10s of shaking.
Peachtree city Georgia - Bed and dresser shaking
marietta georgia - whole house shook for few seconds
Athens, GA - I felt the floor shaking and vibrating for about ten seconds.
Irmo - heard rumbling, felt the house shaking....lingering grumbling and shaking outside. felt like a plane was going to land on the roof of our house
Johns Creek, GA - 5-6 vertical waves, not audible, felt and saw in bottle of water
Charlotte, NC - House shaked for 3-5 seconds.
Clarkesville, Ga - About 2225. Just watching TV when the house rumbled and shook only about 2 seconds. It was different than wind shaking the house. Deep rumbling shake. Very weird
Nicholdon - About 10:35 pm felt earthquake in Nicholson, GA
Grayson, Ga - House shook for maybe 30-40 seconds.
Toccoa - Noticed dresser shaking and heard walls shaking. I asked my kids who were in bed but not asleep if they felt shaking. All 3 did, daughter noticed shaking bookshelf. I've never felt earthquake before.

many more reports at this link, scroll down:
[link to earthquake-report.com]
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