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Stan Romanek, famous alien abductee, faking

peek a boo alien
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United Kingdom
02/16/2014 02:27 PM
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Stan Romanek, famous alien abductee, faking

I've never followed Stan Romanek's case but after noticing these goings on while watching a video interview with him and Peter Slattery I discovered that many other people had clocked them as well. Tragically, it is sustenance and weaponry for the debunkers and others who seek to clamp down on, and restrict humanity's awakening. Peter Slattery is an authentic experiencer and a committed seeker of truth. It is so shameful that his show was targeted for this trickery.

I am assured by someone who I trust implicitly that Stan Romanek is a 'for real' experiencer. My witness has been with him on several occasions when strange things, they regard as impossible to hoax, have occurred. They have been with him when black helicopters have circled his home and when strange entities turned up at conferences and on other occasions. So, it does appear that Romanek is a legitimate contactee/abductee; but, has he blasted his, and everyone else's credibility to kingdom come with his antics on the Peter Maxwell Slattery Show?

This saddens me greatly. I feel sorry for Stan Romanek that he feels he needs to fake paranormal activity, if, as my witness informs me, he is the real deal; but what disturbs me more than that, much more, is that his actions discredit something that so many of us have put our hearts and souls into bringing to public awareness - that humanity can and does engage with other dimensions, other realities and their inhabitants; and what wonderful and truly blessed aspects of Creation we truly are. Please do not let go of this truth.

Integrity is non-negotiable and I urge everyone to remember this too. In the end we can only speak to our own experiences and I stand by mine unreservedly. There is much that I question; much I do not understand; so many vague and disjointed aspects surround very solid memories. I talk about what I do know, what I can corroborate, the rest awaits more information.