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The Illuminati Will Be Destroyed By The Antichrist

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United States
02/17/2014 09:26 PM
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The Illuminati Will Be Destroyed By The Antichrist
The antichrist will destroy the illuminati and there deception. The antichrist will destroy the system that enslaves humanity today and bring a false peace.

The antichrist will play a false Robben Hood character role that tries to free humanity in order to deceive people.

Many people will be deceived by the antichrist because he destroyed the illuminati's illusion and therefore created a false peace destroying great darkness with lesser darkness because there is no light in him.

Remember the left behind movie were Nicolie Carpathia killed those two men which where bankster elites in the movie? It is symbolic for what the antichrist is going to do in the future.

The antichrist is not going to start off to present himself as this evil, dark, Hitler figure but a peaceful, pleasant, and lovely figure in order to deceive people by allowing him into their hearts by deceptions.

The antichrist will divide the spoil among the nations so that the nations will be equal and all people will be equal except.....

The power structure will change but this is how it is going to be set up: (P.S God Almighty is always first and high above everything else)

God Almighty (Jesus)
Anti Christ
False Prophet
10 Kings (Rulers)
People who took the Mark

The power structure will change dramatically because there are hundreds of things in the power structure now that include the masons and societies above it.

The antichrist will show false love breaking the power structure down and giving people what they want.

JESUS CHRIST is the true Messiah, trust him and put your baggage upon him.

Jesus Christ delivered me from Devil worship, praise be to God.