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Message Subject UKRAINE/RUSSIA NEWS: Russian military drills begin near Ukraine day after militants announce 100k strong mobalisation!!!p.7387
Poster Handle KneelB4Zod!
Post Content

You should tell this to the so called Separatists instead of me.
 Quoting: Skizzy

The so called separatists took action against others deciding instead of them. And that takes courage!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 53277355

The so called separatists want to be annexed by Russia, if you were not aware of that already.
 Quoting: Skizzy

Please provde a link and a quote or retract your claim.

From what I have been reading, most of the regular citizens as well as the leaders of LPR/DPR have stated on several occasions that they are first and foremost interested in getting rid of Kiev's control. Many would even like to remain part of Ukraine, but in a very de-centralized fashion. The major point of irritation is of course money.

Southeastern Ukraine contributes more than 50% of Ukraine's GDP Skizzy, if you were not aware of that already!
 Quoting: Anonymous Viking 3910366

Yes. And I think if anti-Kiev forces will hold Donbass for a few months longer western Ukrainian lazy ass looters and leeches will die of malnutrition and whole their famous Banderistan will bankrupt and turn into dust...

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