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Message Subject UKRAINE BREAKING NEWS THREAD: France suspends delivery of warship to Russia, citing situation in Ukraine!!!p.6567
Poster Handle KneelB4Zod!
Post Content

You should tell this to the so called Separatists instead of me.
 Quoting: Skizzy

The so called separatists took action against others deciding instead of them. And that takes courage!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 53277355

The so called separatists want to be annexed by Russia, if you were not aware of that already.
 Quoting: Skizzy

Please provde a link and a quote or retract your claim.

From what I have been reading, most of the regular citizens as well as the leaders of LPR/DPR have stated on several occasions that they are first and foremost interested in getting rid of Kiev's control. Many would even like to remain part of Ukraine, but in a very de-centralized fashion. The major point of irritation is of course money.

Southeastern Ukraine contributes more than 50% of Ukraine's GDP Skizzy, if you were not aware of that already!
 Quoting: Anonymous Viking 3910366

Yes. And I think if anti-Kiev forces will hold Donbass for a few months longer western Ukrainian lazy ass looters and leeches will die of malnutrition and whole their famous Banderistan will bankrupt and turn into dust...

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