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Message Subject UKRAINE/RUSSIA NEWS: Russian military drills begin near Ukraine day after militants announce 100k strong mobalisation!!!p.7387
Poster Handle Anonymous Viking
Post Content
- If the army refuses or neglects to do so, that army (occupying the populated city) is fully accountable for the deaths of any civilians that result. In other words, the army occupying the populated city is a bunch of mass murderers.
 Quoting: Skeptic the First

Unless of course you have an enemy that gladly robs and sometimes kills/rapes refugees, who is also stopping said civilians from running in the other direction (i.e. Russia) since the city is completely surrounded. So, very few people make it out even if they want to, due to Ukrainian army policy.

So, who's the mass murderer then? As if the extensively videotaped Odessa massacre wasn't enough to earn that badge...
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