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Message Subject UKRAINE/RUSSIA NEWS: Russian military drills begin near Ukraine day after militants announce 100k strong mobalisation!!!p.7387
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

well said, i still can't understand how america attacks russia for involving itself in the affairs of a country on its border -- after an american backed coup, as you said -- while we get ready to drop more bombs on iraq and maybe syria.

america backs rebels in libya, in syria. wars in grenada and nicaragua , backing rebels in venzuela , attacked iraq based on lies in desert storm, then you have the whole 9/11 false-flag that the whole world knows was a lie

it makes me sick. and we attack russia for aiding rebels who object to an american back coup ?

turns out when america has this much power it's easy to see it was never as "nice" as it pretended to be. go russia, i don't like this prposed american nwo
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 58487295

And I feel the Russia won't leave those partisans behind. USA? Bush senior's decision to leave anti-Saddam forces to torture and death...
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