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Message Subject UKRAINE/RUSSIA NEWS: Russian military drills begin near Ukraine day after militants announce 100k strong mobalisation!!!p.7387
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Babay ‏@Truth_Seeker_11 · 6 min. 
#Maidan activists vandalized hotel "Tourist" in #Kiev, disrupted the election of a new head of Trade Unions inside.

Good old Maidanists. When you can't find them how they sit on the pile of mess and whining be sure they are nearby and vandalizing or burning some buildings...
 Quoting: KneelB4Zod!

No. Those Maidanists are GRU, FSB 'activists.' Old skool Putin-favorite KGB provocation. You can read all about here.

Understanding Provocation
March 29, 2014

One of the most powerful tools the Kremlin has in its secret arsenal of Special War is provocation, what they call provokatsiya. While Moscow cannot claim to have invented this technique, which has existed as long as there have been secret services, thereís no doubt that Russians have perfected the art and taken it to a whole new level of sophistication and deviousness. At times, it can become a strategy all on its own (not always, mind you, with edifying results).

Provokatsiya simply means taking control of your enemies in secret and encouraging them to do things that discredit them and help you. You plant your own agents provocateurs and flip legitimate activists, turning them to your side. When youíre dealing with extremists to start with, getting them to do crazy, self-defeating things isnít often difficult. In some cases, you simply create extremists and terrorists where they donít exist. This is causing problems in order to solve them, and since the Tsarist period, Russian intelligence has been known to do just that.
[link to 20committee.com]
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