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Message Subject UKRAINE/RUSSIA NEWS: Russian military drills begin near Ukraine day after militants announce 100k strong mobalisation!!!p.7387
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
From Twitter, downloaded 2014-6-26 19:37 Moscow Time

A Dawn of Rus ‏@Russian_Dawn 25m
Update: at #kramatorsk the Ukrainian junta lost 1 BTR and 1 Grad. The former was hit by a WW2 era AA gun and the later by ATGM At-4 "Fagot".

A Dawn of Rus ‏@Russian_Dawn 59m
Kiev may soon face 20.000-30.000 Novorussian soldiers under a unified command.

And thank you everyone who did not respond to that Skeptic account - quoting and responding only encourages him or her.
 Quoting: FormerlyBritish

Have you replaced Luis as our moderator? Thanking everyone for 'not responding' is the action of a moderator.
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