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Message Subject Katy Perry Dark Horse - Video - WOW - EGYPT all over! Illuminati all over- can it be more clear? Birthday/Illuminati body suit/ super bowl 2015
Poster Handle oh_hi9876
Post Content
you all do realize that the entire history of egypt is not one big evil illuminati nwo fest right...?

you've become so conditioned now that you see anything having to do with egypt as evil.... which is absurd.

Egypt was full of great truth and knowledge, and in order to keep all you morans away from that truth, they've psychologically trained you to see anything regarding Egypt as evil.

Well done sheeple, proving yet again how easy it is to frighten you away from truth.

The esoteric knowledge of Egypt is not evil nor good. Knowledge is not evil or good, it is the person who uses the knowledge that is evil or good.

Do TPTB utilize egyptian esoteric knowledge, yes. Is all egyptian esoteric knowledge evil, no.

It'd be as absurd as saying anyone who uses vowels is part of the illuminati, or anyone who understands math is illuminati. Everyone can use the vowels and math, math and vowels are neither good nor either are they kiddies.

But continue to behave like frightened little children to who are easily fooled into being afraid of knowledge because you saw a youtube video telling you anything that has to do with egypt is evil.

I did use vowels in writing this, must mean I am part of the illuminati everyone knows the vowels are evil esoteric occult symbols that only the illuminati use to cast evil spells.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 53580960

where did that "great truth and knowledge" come from??Idol1
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