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I get a kick out of the "US, YOU, THEM" arguments.

Welcome to the Twilight of Civilization

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02/20/2014 09:50 PM

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I get a kick out of the "US, YOU, THEM" arguments.
A shameful, might-as-well-laugh chuckle at the cuckolds on youtube talking about political shit like it's them doing it.

Case in point, decisions of any so called 'leader' aren't my decisions, nor yours. Such pointless banter.

"Our subs can sink your subs!"

-Who gives a fuck? We shouldn't even need to sink shit.
"We don’t get to decide if our work has commercial appeal." -Stephen King

"What's in the gulf? How funny you should ask...{{ [link to blog.sfgate.com] }}"

"How do we know that humans did not invade reptilian worlds (like Earth) long ago? I am not buying it anymore. The research indicates that it was human-like beings who attacked the serpent race. The serpent race is the victim. The serpent race gave early Earth humans knowledge and yet the very human-like gods "from above" told the Earth humans to shun them and their knowledge. New Age beliefs specifically say that the "blonde pleiadians" are on "our side." Really now? They have all the ships, all the power, and yet they sit up there doing nothing but teach naive cults a bunch of bullshit and lies. I say that the disinformation is where you least expect it." -Reptilianworshipper

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous [they] cannot believe it exists." -J. Hoover

"certainly not, live on fish alone
Fish have fins
Finns fought against the Russians
Russians are red Fire engines are red
Thats why they paint fire engines red
Because they are always rushin.
What am I talking about I must be losing it" -Some Yahoo Answers Nutter


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