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I get a kick out of the "US, YOU, THEM" arguments.

Doom is On

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02/20/2014 09:50 PM

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I get a kick out of the "US, YOU, THEM" arguments.
A shameful, might-as-well-laugh chuckle at the cuckolds on youtube talking about political shit like it's them doing it.

Case in point, decisions of any so called 'leader' aren't my decisions, nor yours. Such pointless banter.

"Our subs can sink your subs!"

-Who gives a fuck? We shouldn't even need to sink shit.
My favorite -1 karma; "No, you're just butthurt." Fuckin' lol

"Give us your lonely, your deranged, and your mentally ill; give us your woo-woo´s, idiots, conspiracy theorists, catastrophists, astrologists and new age theologists; and give us your morons. Bring us your hoaxers and con-artists. Bring us your religious zealots, your bible thumping radicals, your bigots and your sexually frustrated teenagers. Bring us your trolls and pseudo-scientists.

We will provide a place of refuge, a place where attention will be given, a place for freedom of delusional representation. A place for all to come and ponder the existence and universal meaning of all fantasy, good and bad. A place where all people of miniscule mind can pen their thoughts, delusions, suppositions and conjecture with anonyminity and safety.

Bring them to GLP, we will provide for them. We will provide the haven they so desperately seek. A soapbox for those unable to be heard above the din of reality.

Truly, a god-like production."

- An anonymous, Anonymous Coward