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I'll say it.. So tired of these "surprise" homecomings for the Military being shown on the news!!!

Anonymous Coward
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United States
03/05/2014 12:40 AM
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Re: I'll say it.. So tired of these "surprise" homecomings for the Military being shown on the news!!!
ohhhh let the backlash begin on me, but i cant take it anymore. i love and care for our men and women in the military, and thats the same reason I DO NOT SUPPORT THEM!!!!!!

they take these brainwashed kids, and then brainwash them even more for thinking they are doing a good thing for their country, NO YOUR NOT, your doing a bad thing for our GOVERNMENT!!! they are using out friends and family to go kill innocent people and try and force our ways on people that just want to be left alone..

and im so tired of this bullshit propaganda all in our faces,specially the news... now if you wanna get in a rabbit suit and surprise your kids and family, or jump out a box thats fine to tape it.. but it doesnt need to be on the tv like your a hero or something, keep it personal. because i feel no pity for people being tricked into giving their lives to go take innocent lives, and then try and tell the world we are the good guys!!!

if a war happened to USSSSSSSSS of course im all for the military, but that doesnt seem to happening anytime soon, as the entire world fears us more then they hate us...but stop asking us to say USA USA USA when we are the biggest terrorists in the world ( if not the only real terrorists)

only time in my 33 years i found AFTER i got awaken to chant USA USA USA is basically the olympics or sports

can someone tell us really when is the last time WE needed the military? all i can think of is the revolutionary war? we damn sure had no business in any war i can think of, but please feel free to tell me when they were needed

lets the kids train and get their money but stop sending them to places to get killed and kill, that has nothing to do with us.. then spreading the propaganda, then saying that people who know the truth are unamerican because they dont support any troops or any wars.. I LOVE AMERICA, NOT OUR EVIL GOVERNMENT

and please goddddddddddd stop showing these " homecomings" all over the news, or at least wait till a real war happens that we need them so then we can call them heros for being heros, and not just saying the word hero because they chose a job, that mostly poor kids take just because no other jobs around, thats not even as dangerous as working at a gas station..

now let the backlash begin for speaking the truth and what most do not want to say..
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Where I live the only Fucking news station that shows this crap is FOXNEWS thee most anti-american broadcast company in the U.S. pretending to be all patriotic and stir more shit than a toilet.