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USA USA USA oops no wait RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA.. I support you!!!

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United States
03/04/2014 11:16 PM
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USA USA USA oops no wait RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA.. I support you!!!
if you will finally stand up to us, and show us and the world that WE ARE NOT THE WORLD POLICE!!! i hope someone puts us on our asses

only problem with that is, it will punish ua americans, because our evil government the world police are not americans, nor do they care about us or support us and most of all THEY DO NOT LISTEN TO US!!!

our government is the most evil corporation in the world, and thats all they are!! maybe russia will wipe out DC so we can start all over with real americans with real voting, and most of us people that care about the people of america not companies and money...

i mean do you support giving 1 billion to the Ukraine? imagine what we could fix here with that 1 billion...

the other problem with this impending war is though, russia is part of it, they all know what they are doing " they" are all friends, this is part of their plan..the world war is planned and wanted by them..

i so wish russia would save us but they are not going to as they are just as evil, so i guess iwish just to feel better and smile maybe they would at least take out DC..

im pulling for you russia dont puss out, we know this will be a real war this is not the middle east where they use sticks and firecrackers on the side of the road.. this will be real.. and now some of our friends and family will be invovled in this as they were brainwashed into thinking they are protectors of america, not realizing they are being used to be the biggest terrorists in the world.. so come on, haters gonna hate. but people that realize the truth will see.. i got your back russia
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