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Message Subject I'm beginning to look like a real nut job with my family.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
With all the failed doom dates and hundreds of dollars spent on prepared I can't blame my family for thinking ill of me. Is there any real doom out there or on the horizon? I in no way want something to happen, but I feel like something is eventually going to, am I nuts or do others feel this way?
 Quoting: Speakless<G

Doom is on the eye of the beholder.

Is something HUUUGE going to happen? Yes.

When? Thaaaat's just the little detail that I am waiting for.

I am prepared and told my family to do the same, for the doom that others' fears are going to cause.

I am expecting an amazing, beyond belief and beyond expectations wonderful EVENT.

God will guide you if you are with Him. Prepare for a physical emergency as anybody should be prepared any day of the week, during all seasons.

If you have that ready, forget about it and don't focus on anything except your spiritual side. Nothing else matters.

Be at peace.
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