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Message Subject I'm beginning to look like a real nut job with my family.
Poster Handle Speakless<G
Post Content
Oh sheesh- Me too buddy! Join the club! LOL! My advice is don't fall for the doom date crap. Predictions are silly. It's all happening now, gradually. It won't be suddenly one day, I don't think. And who could predict that anyway?

And, I think you do want something to happen. Heck, I do! I think we all do whether we admit it or not! Don't feel bad about it, I think it's a sign that we all don't like how we've become and we want it to majorly change. Most folks would prefer some kind of sudden doomsday then to have to go back to work tomorrow and carry on all this crap. Or so we think...

My other advice is to let go of telling them about it. Some would just prefer to keep sleeping and won't budge. Don't waste your energy. Just nod and smile with them and try to have a nice day. And then, try to find some like minded people to be around, or even live with, to open up to.

Good luck fellow truth seeker!
 Quoting: Hannah 45632175

I agree with everything you said and great advice! I'm tired of this b.s. existence, we are capable of so much more.
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