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Sacred Occult Numbers and False Flag Events (Missing Flight 370 an Illuminati Psyop)

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 54924741
United States
03/14/2014 05:00 PM
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Sacred Occult Numbers and False Flag Events (Missing Flight 370 an Illuminati Psyop)
Sacred occult numbers and symbols are found everywhere, and especially in false flag and psyop events. 3, 7 and 0 are very sacred occult numbers, it is not a coincidence that they were used in the Malaysia Airlines disappearance.

The Illuminati are high functioning psychopaths and high-level Luciferians who get their power from the trafficking of human souls. Death, and the power that they receive from blood sacrifice is more of a commodity to them than money.
These psyops, these rituals that they orchestrate using sacred numbers and symbols are how they get their power, how they get their jollies, how they stay completely connected to the material realm.

The realm, the state of consciousness in which they stay connected to, is much higher than the realm in which we live our daily lives. The masses have no clue because they cannot begin to understand evil or even fathom the depths of their evil and darkness. Where do these ideas come from? They come from the angel of light, the one who they worship, the one who gives them their power and "illumination"...Lucifer.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 54924741
United States
03/14/2014 05:06 PM
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Re: Sacred Occult Numbers and False Flag Events (Missing Flight 370 an Illuminati Psyop)
Number 370 is a combination of the energies and attributes of number 3, number 7 and number 0.  Number 3 resonates with energy, growth, expansion and the principles of increase, spontaneity, broad-minded thinking, self-expression, encouragement, assistance, talent and skills, freedom-seeking, adventure, exuberance. Number 3 relates to the Ascended Masters, and indicates that they are around you, assisting when asked. The Ascended Masters help you to focus on the Divine spark within yourself and others, and assist with manifesting your desires.  Number 7 vibrates with the mystical influences of spiritual awakening, development and enlightenment, inner-knowing and understanding others, dignity and refinement, persistence of purpose and good fortune, and your psychic abilities and spiritual life purpose.  Number 0 magnifies and amplifies the vibrations of the numbers it appears with, and carries the influences of the ‘God force’ and Universal Energies.  Number 0 resonates with eternity and infinity, oneness and wholeness, continuing cycles and flow, and the beginning point.  Number 0 stands for potential and/or choice, and is to do with developing one’s spiritual aspects.  Number 0 is considered to represent the beginning of a spiritual journey and highlights the uncertainties that may entail.  

Angel Number 370 is a message from your angels that you are to be ‘congratulated’ for working so diligently and devotedly on your life purpose and soul mission.  You have a strong connection with the angelic and spiritual realms and this has helped to manifest auspicious opportunities and circumstances that will advance you along your path.  Continue to listen to your intuition and the guidance from the angels.
Angel Number 370 is an important message to continue the spiritual development and ‘lightwork’ you are doing as you faithfully serve your Divine life purpose and mission.  The angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters support, protect and encourage you to walk your path with confidence and enthusiasm.

Angel Number 370 is also a message that your creative energies have been activated.  Express yourself with optimism, enthusiasm and joy, and use your personal skills, talents and abilities to serve, encourage and teach others.  Continue living your life as a positive example for others.  Your angels and the Ascended Masters want you to know that you are on the right path in your life.  

We come to this planet to learn particular lessons that are necessary for our spiritual growth and evolution.

Number 370 relates to number 1 (3+7+0=10, 1+0=1) and Angel Number 1.


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