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A guide to Gun Control

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 38180365
United States
03/23/2014 10:16 PM
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A guide to Gun Control
A guide to Gun Control

Proper control and use of your gun can greatly assist both your effectiveness and survival during use. These gun control basics will go a long way when tshtf. This is for all those who bought guns to defend America, but are waiting for that fateful day when they are forced to use them . . . . for the first time.

Here we have a man who is going to poke his eye out with the gun sight o.o26 seconds after he pulls the trigger. If you are forced to use a gun while standing, do not hold it like this.

Here we have a nice big target shooting a gun the correct way - for hunting deer. Though his gun is not going to hurt him because he has it properly tucked into his shoulder, he will have a low survival rate if he chooses to shoot like this when tshtf because his large cross section will make him a future meal at a turkey shoot. Deer cannot shoot back, but a ziocommie certainly can. Avoid this shooting position at all costs when you are being shot at. To his credit at least his front is implied to be guarded, but ziocommies can shoot at you from behind and from the side, so this guy would be toast in the real world.

If you are the Rambo type you can get away with holding a gun in the crotch of your elbow like this, but if you spent your life in the office you will rip your arm off if the gun is powerful enough to be useful. On top of that, you are still a perfect target, this works only for targets, deer and ducks.

By far, when you are being shot at, the prone position is the best. This is because you can aim the gun a lot better when laying down, and you have a very small cross section. If ambushed, drop to this position first, and THEN start shooting. Obviously you will choose to wear a color other than blaze orange

If you have time to dig in, DO IT. It takes only a small time to dig a hole good enough to shoot from, and this has the advantage of allowing you to duck totally out of the line of fire if things get too intense. If you have time to set up a position, do it this way. Obviously a folding shovel will be your best friend here.

Most importantly however, is your will to fight to begin with, even if you have only one way to do it.