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Formula 1 Illuminati

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 56211197
United States
03/29/2014 09:43 AM
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Formula 1 Illuminati
So, you know the Members of the Nwo,and how they spend their money in Formula 1..
They apparently go to the F1 races and just dump money at the races.. I mean, where do you think the money comes from.. Without the big bucks, they wouldn't have the finest tehnology..
Well, it's a new season. I've been keeping an eye on what I've been able to.. And I've noticed some patterns.

- does anyone notice the big red "6" on Nico Rosberg's car? In an interview, Rosberg was asked for the reason behind his number, he said "for luck".. His father won the championship with it..
- hamilton's odd number choice #44...
- RedBull's numbers next to each other (1- Vettel, 3- Ricciardo).. On red bulls paddocks, the numbers are placed real close to each other (13)
- In the sky sports interviews, Hamilton's interviews are very short and narrow. He almost seems uncomfortable, by his body language.
- Sky sports only covers majority of their stories focusing on the Mercedes team.
- This race is taking place in Malaysia, and we all know what comes to mind when we bring that up...
- In an interview, lewis hamilton stated that if he won the race, he'd dedicate his win to the victims of MH flight..
- Mercedes is the only team on the grid that will have a hashtag on their side pod saying #prayforMH370 (that's the flight number right?.)

Here's a theory,
#6 - Nico Rosberg's number; Wins 1st Race (Australia)
#44 (4+4 = 8) Lewis Hamilton's number; Wins 2nd race (Malaysia)
#14 - Fernando Alonso; Wins 3rd race (Bahrain)

6/8/14.... Is a date upon us. ???

I would like to hear everyone's else's opinions!' Idol1