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APD March, Protests & Riots in Albuquerque New Mexico

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United States
03/31/2014 02:36 AM
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APD March, Protests & Riots in Albuquerque New Mexico
[youtube] [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

I live in New Mexico….not in ABQ but I know the city well and have been there many times….I was surprised to see on my local news the amount of protesting that was going on…this has never happened in New Mexico…and there were hundreds if not yet thousands of people even rioting on the streets and at APD Headquarters because of the down right murder of James Boyd…a harmless retarded man APD Shot and killed.

The only thing that really concerned me was the fact some of the rioters were throwing shit at the cops…which wasn't good…protests and riots are suppose to be peaceful….not violent…you don't wanna be on the same level as these corrupt people….so when you fight…you gotta fight back smart. Thankfully as far as I know tho no one has gotten hurt or killed because there were people who were protesting that were keeping it peaceful whenever it seemed to get out of hand.

Even ABQ's Mayor Richard Berry thought it was not justified that James Boyd was killed and is not impressed with the chief of police for APD either…he is an asshole.

I think its good people are waking up because cops here in New Mexico are corrupt and I'd know cus I've lived here my entire life…this place is becoming more and more of a police state…and its sad.

In Santa Fe we have Vans with Cameras in them that no one operates that tickets you if you go just a few miles above the speed limit…talk about abuse of authority….this place is known for it.

Anyway, considering all of this abuse of powers and authority I thought I'd do a video on this subject so I did…cus I express my rights and so should everyone else….and police shouldn't abuse their power….we should all know our rights….and expose these types of people as well as be smart about getting the evidence together to expose them as well. I warn you guys tho the video is graphic cus I have the helmet Cam video of James Boyd being murdered by APD in there as well.

Anonymous….If you have heard of that guy….today successfully with his group shut down the APD website…which I think is good…they should know that the people have power…and that we won't take no more of this brutality that is unconstitutional and just down right wrong.

Comment, like, share and spread the word about my video and the incident as much as you can….I know this APD Shooting has gotten a lot of attention already here in the U.S. but I still think more should be done.

Ahtmah Khalsa

User ID: 49099850
United States
03/31/2014 02:05 PM
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Re: APD March, Protests & Riots in Albuquerque New Mexico
I was watching the marches live yesterday. Will there be more protesting today?
-Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?