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Step #1 for the Illuminati: Have Controlled Opposition

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 56236860
04/02/2014 06:10 AM
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Step #1 for the Illuminati: Have Controlled Opposition
They need to control the thoughts of people who want to rebel against their population reduction agenda. One method is to use conspiracy sites or radio talk shows to generate income without any cause to rebel. Please question everything. You know who they are...

User ID: 28053131
United States
04/02/2014 07:24 AM

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Re: Step #1 for the Illuminati: Have Controlled Opposition
There are no private channels or sites. Everything is tapped into and exploited in one way or another. We are all fractured. The best we can do is to show love and compassion to everyone and every being. Lead by example. It's the hardest, yet easiest path.

I believe we are all in an experiment. We have been for our whole existence as humans. There are numerous reasons to believe this. ET's are everywhere. Anyone can view them in the sky through not very powerful astronomical binoculars. The money, when folded creates actual photos that have already happened in a timeline. The glitches in the matrix with time and holographic applications. Code in the Bible. Code in everything. Could be the Greys playing us out over and over. They are the serpents in the Bible. Are they good or evil? Does that exist when you're beyond a moral way of thinking? When you can control time waves? When you have so much power compared to our mostly unused brains, how do you know when to stop using your power? Do they understand who they are in our context?

They want to understand the power of love vibration. They do understand frequency, their whole technology depends on it. However, it's the Love frequency that changes everything. It's the hardest for people to achieve because other lower frequencies keep it from actualizing in your body. Sex is addictive because it gets you close to the love frequency. The come down sets in, the rest of the manufactured frequencies come in that create dissonance. Paranoia sets in. The vicious cycle again and again until we break it. It is up to us. Perhaps "They" the watchers will reset us again or we save ourselves using the love frequency. It's intense.
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