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Turkey Overturns YouTube Ban EXCEPT 15 videos

Uncle Fuck Stick

User ID: 52851359
United States
04/04/2014 09:23 AM

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Turkey Overturns YouTube Ban EXCEPT 15 videos
[link to rt.com]
Ankara court ordered a Turkish government ban on YouTube to be lifted, but allowed the blockage of 15 specific videos to remain in place. The move comes after a similar overturning of a government ban of Twitter.

The court in the capital Ankara said the YouTube ban was too broad and instead specifically blocked access to 15 videos, a copy of the court document showed, as Reuters reports.

Unlike the decision on Twitter, the ruling on YouTube was not taken by Turkey’s constitutional court and may be overruled by a court of higher jurisdiction.

This means that in practice the video hosting service will remain blocked for now, pending a likely government appeal.

The Turkish communication regulator ordered the blockade of YouTube on March 27.

It came shortly after a video was published on it, allegedly of several top government officials discussing a possible false flag operation in Syria to justify a military incursion.

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