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Dobbs: Congress stiffs working Americans

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United States
06/21/2006 01:11 PM
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Dobbs: Congress stiffs working Americans
Dobbs: Congress stiffs working Americans

By Lou Dobbs

Wednesday, June 21, 2006; Posted: 11:12 a.m. EDT (15:12 GMT)

For some reason, our elected officials decided against holding a news conference. Maybe that's because they didn't want to draw attention to the fact that they raise their own salaries almost every year while refusing to raise the pay of our lowest-paid workers.

Corporate America, the Bush administration and the national economic orthodoxy with which they're in league have consistently argued against helping working men and women at the lowest end of the wage scale by raising the minimum wage. Big business groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Business Roundtable say it will harm the economy and eliminate jobs. As is so frequent with the faith-based economics that grips both political parties in Washington, such concerns have absolutely nothing to do with reality.

For example, it's impossible to deny the national minimum wage of $5.15 is not enough for a family to live above the poverty line. The annual salary for workers earning the national minimum wage still leaves a family of three about $6,000 short of the poverty threshold.

Raising the minimum wage to $7.50 would positively affect the lives of more than 8 million workers, including an estimated 760,000 single mothers and 1.8 million parents with children under 18. But even this 46 percent increase would get them only to the poverty line. Don't you think these families just might need that cost-of-living increase a bit more than our elected officials who are paid nearly $170,000 a year?

more at link

[link to money.cnn.com]

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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 108458
United States
06/21/2006 02:47 PM
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Re: Dobbs: Congress stiffs working Americans
So many things wrong with this I don't know where to start...

Minimum wage laws are ANTI-FREEDOM and socialistic and ultimatly will do more harm than good. I run a small business and I do not like being dictated to by a bunch of government parasites. Take a look at how many had failed businesses before they became the parasites they are today. Then ask yourself if you really want them telling you how to run your business or any business for that matter.

Just think how many jobs will not be created if businesses are forced to raise the minimum salery. Do any of you have kids looking for summer work? Raising the minimum wage would reduce the chances of them finding one and prevent them from gaining real world work experience.

The real problems are:
Inflationary monetary policy with which the fed and friends secretly confiscate the wealth of the people.

An infestation of parasites in Washington