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lady gaga promoting domestic violence

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 56653675
United States
04/11/2014 08:03 PM
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lady gaga promoting domestic violence
did you see that lady gaga music video for this video called venus

the music video goes where lady gaga plays a woman

the woman is dressed like a bird or eagle representing a free woman or freedom

she is shot with an arrow by a group of men weaing black

men shooting a woman

then they go and carry her body and the group of men dump her into some pool or ocean

and in the water is the underworld. death where other womens spirits are living with a demon who is a greek godess named venus

basically they are showing that men dressed in black can kill any woman and then dump her into water

and they show that the woman is seen only as an object , they portray her only as something that should be around some love godess

as if women are only useful for dating and love.

this is what the media is showing to teenagers. sending the message