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Whirly Tube UFO maybe?

Mr Brown
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04/13/2014 03:04 AM
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Whirly Tube UFO maybe?
Holy shit, so I was just outside having a smoke when I heard this sound like a whirly sound, like those Whirly tubes you spin around. COULD NOT have been a plane because they don't make that sound...

I heard it for about 10 seconds as it came from behind me and got extremely loud then the sound vanished almost instantly when it went past me.

KINDA CREEPY if it was a UFO or something. You know you see these things all over the internet and you're like ya I guess I believe in it, but then you hear/see something first hand and then all of a sudden you think HOLY SHIT WTF!
Any thoughts!?
( [link to en.wikipedia.org] )
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Anonymous Coward
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United States
06/11/2014 01:26 AM
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Re: Whirly Tube UFO maybe?
It is funny how this thread and mine are not relevant.