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Message Subject SAUCERS of the Illuminati - by Jim Keith
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I read the 2 Roswell saucers didn't crash they were shot down. Does this constitute a declaration of war by earth against heaven ?

 Quoting: WhichisWitch

the saucers did not come from outer space.

the Roswell saucers were Russian made
and the probing was ordered by Stalin.
These UFO probes started the cold war.

Stalin got the tech from German engineers
they took out of Germany, spoils of WW2,
Russian version of Operation Paperclip.

Stalin's strategy was to use saucers
to render US Nuclear Missile Silos
inoperable so the US could not strike
the USSR with ICBM's.

The anti-gravity saucers did not come from
space as they did not have enough oxygen
to sustain a trip outside earth's environment.

the small men inside the saucers were human
genetic experiments in Russia. Dr. Mengele's
work re-hashed later in the Soviet Union.

UFO's from outer space was a ruse used to
keep military secrets out of public forum.
Some military and private contractors were
paid to disburse UFO propaganda to the media.

UFO's do not have life support apparatus for
outer space flight.

saucers were man made, sorry to inform ya.

source: Annie Jacobson
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