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Israeli PA Peace Talks Breakthrough in Sight: BREAKING NEWS UPDATE 09:30 EDT 23 Apr 2014


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04/22/2014 11:47 AM
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Israeli PA Peace Talks Breakthrough in Sight: BREAKING NEWS UPDATE 09:30 EDT 23 Apr 2014
BREAKING NEWS UPDATE 09:30 EDT 23 Apr 2014 Likud has tabled a deal extending the peace talks. Vote possible in Sunday's cabinet meet. BREAKING NEWS UPDATE 09:30 EDT 23 Apr 2014

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE 11:11 EDT: Abbas offers three month peace talks extension to discuss final borders; in return for three month Israeli illegal construction freeze and the release of the prisoners Israel promised to release weeks ago.

This appears to be the general parameters of an expected breakthrough proposal that will be agreed, and then presented to the Israeli cabinet for approval before the end of the month. If approved by the Israeli cabinet the proposal is expected to bring an end to the present Israeli coalition.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday also offered to meet with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu “at anytime, in any place.” The comments came as Israeli and Palestinian negotiating teams were meeting in Jerusalem Tuesday afternoon.

BREAKING NEWS: Palestinian and Israeli negotiators meet together with US representative Martin Indyk in Jerusalem today.

The Palestinian positions have been given to American mediator Martin Indyk and Israel has yet to respond to them. Yesterday’s Gaza rockets were an apparent attempt to disrupt an agreement to continue the talks.

Palestinian president Abbas is expected to publish condolences for Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) 2014 begins in the evening of Sunday, April 27 and ends in the evening of Monday, April 28. This a gesture to help in extending the peace talks.

The Geneva deal on Ukraine has collapsed with the Ukraine’s refusal to stop Nazi militia attacks on Russian speakers. The US is demanding that Russian speaking demonstrations end and is threatening Moscow with further sanction.

Russia is responding by reinforcing their border areas in possible preparation for entering Ukraine to remove the illegal Western backed Nazi coup government.

It appears that these Nazi militia attacks on Russian speakers are being used to provoke Russian speakers to demonstrate and seek help from Russia in order to deliberately provoke a US Russia confrontation in Ukraine; to create a crisis furthering the new word order.

The idea is to create a Middle East and European crisis that will result in a new Europe; a new world order with a powerful Europe balancing off Russia and the United States, in a 19th century Balance of Powers style international order.

Presently US forces are being sent to Europe to make sure that Russian forces do not go beyond the Ukraine. It is unlikely that NATO military forces would try to stop a Russian blitz which could oust the Ukraine’s illegal Western backed Nazi coup in a matter of days. The Ukrainian army is itself strongly opposed to the present Ukraine foreign created coup government and is likely to defect to Russian forces in mass.

The United States has taken up the chlorine chemical attack allegations made by insurgents. An assessment laying blame against Syria, whether true or false, may comer within weeks; resulting in a surprise attack on Syria coordinated with an insurgent offensive, designed to bring an end to the regime.

80% percent of Syrian chemical weapons and 100% of the active ingredients have now been removed from Syria, with the remainder planned to be removed in the next week. This protects Israel from any chemical attack by Syria and is the reason the previous US assault was delayed. Syria is pledged to launch all of its missiles against Israel if a Western allied attack is made on them. For Syria, Iran, Hezbollah and Gaza; the coming attack will be “use it or lose it time.”

Any updates will be posted here: [link to godourlight.info]

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Anonymous Coward
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04/22/2014 12:12 PM
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Re: Israeli PA Peace Talks Breakthrough in Sight: BREAKING NEWS UPDATE 09:30 EDT 23 Apr 2014
Israel created the PA.