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Message Subject They all have herpes folks
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
god is satan ... join ANY of his "clubs" and you WILL pay the price - you don't have to eat poo poo in Church, because you folks are what makes it all happen ... your "tithing" is what pays for everything you assholes ... I keep telling you, CHURCH is BIG BUSINESS ... BIG ... hello - and all the money they rake in go to the satanist - and they are all "tithing" too

ALL of the members of any of the ORGs either associated with god - or associated with the devil - are supporting the same ENTITY ... God couldn't be god, without Satan and he is such a greedy fucker - he wants it ALLLL ... and he can't trust anyone, so he plays BOTH ROLES ... same person god and satan and he will do whatever it takes to keep you contributing to his support - angels and demons ARE REAL - but they can't touch you if you don't BELONG ... you gotta sign up JOIN a church or the free masons ... doesn't matter - god is on one side and the devil is on the other of the COIN called RELIGION it's a RACKET ... and you JOIN of your OWN FREE WILL hoping to get what you want (heaven, fame, fortune)-the more you want - the more you pay ... sucker

DUALITY IS NOT REAL ... its an ILLUSION / parlor trick - but you will never "get it" or get OUT ... because you are so deeply invested

the rest of us don't have to "pay tithing" - 'cause we don't belong ..... we arn't members of any "org" we are not supporting God or Satan ... we're FREE

the truth sets you free ... get out of BABYLON
 Quoting: SunnyDaze

You spit nothing but lies and blasphemy. God and the dark one are NOT one and the same. God cast him out because he wanted to do things his way, not listen to his father anymore. JUST LIKE YOU!

You are here doing evil's bidding. Trying to sway people away from the light. But here's the thing....no matter what you say, you are going to lose in the end. It is written.
 Quoting: Bambi2U

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