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Message Subject They all have herpes folks
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
dang this is getting harder.
at one time back in the day all you had to do to be on satans team was dress in black, light some candles & listen to some slayer
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 57671800

LOL! I know huh?

I really think this is true. It rings true inside my being. I would not have believed it long ago but I have
had a real spiritual change (NDE) and have had to rely on The Lord for
all that I need as I am seriously injured now.

It is strange- when you just have faith and don't do anything but rely on The Lord for all your needs- you surprisingly are not all stressed out that you need this or that in an hour with no way in sight to get what you need and wow- somehow, someway, it comes through right in the nick of time.

I have gotten to the point where (even with serious health problems and severe pain) I just relax and am at peace and know that what I NEED will come. Praise The Lord! Seriously.

I used to be a nervous wreck worrying about things and I had a way to work and pay but I relied on me.

Once I just got to the point of- I don't care- nothing matters this much-
and just handed myself over to God's care and protection- it has been amazing and I have not wanted for anything that is good for me and that I truly need.

Also, what I truly need is so little. The things that matter to me now are relationships and family, peace and learning about spiritual things- love- instead of cars, designer clothes, houses, constantly being entertained. I am just content. Even with serious health problems. It is amazing. Amazing Grace.
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