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Message Subject WTF!! Operation American Spring: Militias promise to oust Obama, Boehner, top officials this Friday!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
WTF!? whoa ...

... Seems like they have the law on their side too...

... To the Republic for which it stands ...


March against Monsanto is approaching on May 24th ... Monsanto is a US corporation that is wreaking havok on the indiginous land rights and our fellow farmers around the world. It wold be nice if the US help fix the mess they have created.

The 2014 farmbill allocated 1 million dollars per year to organic food production / market data analysis ... while the 955 billion dollar 2013 farm bill gave monsanto a $40 million federal bailout - to brazenly fight the california gmo labeling law act.

[link to www.naturalnews.com]

... There are Numerous countries that have gone ge / gmo free and there is an overwheling indication that the US wants to , and should go gmo free according to global science rewiews, and the over 800 scientist advocating going gmo free because of obvious health concerns.

Point and case ... We know this Corporate system is broken - from the foundational finance system , to the foundational culture being pumped out of the publicc school systems to the the basic declarations of inalienable human rights ... We have entered a new paradigm and the legalese fuckery that's been manipulating the US into atrocities, unneccesary hardship and regressed evolution has got to go... and its time to restore the republic to a pre-1871 state of exstance... this corporate madness is ruining the Planet and ruining lives.

THe corporate iniative does not align with the true spirit of the american people ... This monsant bailout and the next to nothing ; nation wide "help" for Organic Production / Market data research , shows the dispropotionate support to undermine the people voice for organics and anti-gmo efforts.
This is the problem with this bs bank bs moneybusiness system ...

The New Love Powered Economy is about Cheap Superfood , medicnal restaurants and anticancer herbs , etc. and an evolutionary living experience thats frees US from The Business Model to a better Cultural model that liberates us from the machine. An age of Liberation ... The Celebration point where the human spirit overcame itself to Overcome the machine of this legal trickery and this corporate machine.

Look , listen ... Can you feel it ?

It's the wind's of change ... it's an Evolution ... of Human creativity to begin living like the soveriegn societies of Natural Law and legal rights. It's sort of screwed up to just wake up to the Natural Native / Aborig law that is recognized as being protective of the land as an inalienable right; that the land is Sacred and they reserve inalienable rights to the Natural World.
woah , thats mum ... its me ... its all the people that want organic healthy food heaven.

Sorry no Moo Moo Mcdonalds Moon machine ... The way forward is a spirit of love as we consciously move forward together in the right way. The age of evolution is upon us ... American Spiritualitiy is emerging as a new tradition and as we move into the new Galactic Consciousness Cycle ... This is what you get with this Corporate system - central bank fiasco. We Need the Parents of this big brotherism to take over and start talking about what life is really about... There are soo many incredibly enlightened awesome americans and such a disfucntional system.

If you ask me ... we,the people , should expand and reallocate in a similar direction and hold some of these inalienable rites true to our being... ie. And try to fix some of the crime and a spectrum of human hardships in america with some human liberation therapy by figuring out how to transition beyond this hopeless endless bills , tax and dept system and into a free america ... where yes things made with pure love are created.. for free ... for the love of art , for the love of god.

Together we could cocreate The real American Dream that was originally intended for the land of the free liberated from a corporate machinery that is trying to remove the rights from organic growers and live more harmoniously with the land and the indigenous law and culture with their own healthcare and schools. I was Born here, Am I not native or indigenous to this land? Am I homeless? This big money system does create many homeless all around the world but this is a bigger question.

This is Indigenous_land_rights wiki ... I just came across now its unavoidable to look at all this corporate crookery.
I hope it gives you hope that there is another way already apart of the american heart of the indigenous culture ... it seems like it was more closely aligned with the pre- 1871 original american dream.

I dont know how it works or how it looks at the end of the day , but people out there are already working hard for this amazing New Earth System ... It's time we acknowledge that its not working all around , come together and create a better culture moving into the future.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

The land is essential for people’s spiritual development. The land is sacred and everything they get from the land is a gift from their gods. Losing their land means a loss of contact with the earth and a loss of identity. Land is not only an asset with economic and financial value, but also a very important part of peoples lives, worldviews and belief systems.

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