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Message Subject U.S. Panel Endorses Routine Cervical Cancer Vaccine for Girls
Poster Handle 111072
Post Content
4776, I understand. I do think that in your daughter's case the vaccine is a great development.

It is the implementation of the vaccine that the drug companies desire that everyone had an issue with.

Considering the hype, I doubt that your daughter will have a problem getting vaccinated. They're really pushing it hard. I know that often vaccines are only effective before one becomes infected, but there are many vaccines that are effective even after infection takes place. This according to what I've seen is one of those. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

By the way, drug companies have been studying the effects of a chemical found in almonds on cancer prevention.

It is recommended that everyone eat at least three raw almonds a day especially if they are at risk. This may not be something that can be refined so it may never see the drug market, which means that the industry will neve tell us of its effectiveness against cancer.

Three raw (must be raw) almonds a day.

It is not expensive, and they're easy to find, and almonds are legal.

It's not much to purchase almonds for someone you love if it may help prevent them from getting cancer.

Good luck.
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