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Message Subject U.S. Panel Endorses Routine Cervical Cancer Vaccine for Girls
Poster Handle maddie
Post Content
What next, America? What next?

Now you are fucking with human reproductive system.
 Quoting: FearNot

F*cking with the human reproductive system? By potentially saving a woman's life and her reproductive organs? Whatever.

And "routine" hardly translates to "mandatory". Even now, you do not have to have your child vaccinated. You can still claim a religious conflict. It's still legal to do that. Too much negative hysteria over something that could save lives.

My sister-in-law has cervical cancer. She's my age... 38. Has two young kids and is not expected to make it past September. She's already had a hysterectomy, intense chemotherapy and radiation and her quality of life is diminishing rapidly.

I think she would pay the $120 to ensure her daughter didn't suffer the same fate. I sure as hell would pay it for my two daughters. It's hardly expensive when you are talking about saving a life. It's peanuts.
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