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Message Subject U.S. Panel Endorses Routine Cervical Cancer Vaccine for Girls
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Maddie, you cannot claim religious conflict anymore. You can now be jailed for trying to prevent the innoculation of your children, and they will be taken out of your care.

This is fact. There have been several trials in the US and they have all gone agains the individual and for the drug companies.

Forced innoculation is not a good thing.

Especially when the re is no accountability.

They can introduce a drug or vaccine with horrible side effects or that kills or permanently injures someone and you can seek no financial remedy whatsoever. Does this sound charatible to you?

They can force you to pay for vaccinating your children and if something should go wrong as a result, they have zero liability. You have to pay for the care of your child for the rest of his/her life if they survive.

Look at autism. It is medically accepted fact now that mercury present in small children causes or presents as autism. Mercury is used in vaccines routinely for the childhood vaccinations. it is used ostensibly as a preservative and is not considered an active ingredient. Therefore it is considered safe. Even though it is known to cause or contribute to autism.

Autism has increased by as much as 10,000% since the introduction of mercury into childhood vaccines.

Still think that forced innoculation is safe?

Yes these should be made available, but the companies that offer them should be held accountable and should be forced to pay for the healthcare for the treatment of anyone who suffers adverse effects of these treatments, up to the rest of the life of that person,in such cases as autism for example.

But they won't.

Is it bad that this young lady is dying of cancer? Of course.

It should not be used as an excuse to introduce draconian enforcement of involuntary medical treatment at the expense of the patient and without oversight or accountability, which is what is happening.
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