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Message Subject Support thread for those with cancer, terminal illness, or any life altering physical ailment. For caregivers as well
Poster Handle geminilion
Post Content
I hope you fight this and win. hf

My cousin goes in for at least an 8 hour surgery on her neck today. She already had surgery and was told there was a 15% chance it would come back. Well, it did..the size of golf balls she was told. The doctor told her as he was talking to her, it was growing. The last time, they removed part of her tongue, and will probably have to do the same again. She will be in ICU for 2 weeks. My cousin has also been an anorexic and alcoholic since she was 15 so she has never been healthy. I don't know how she will survive, but I pray she does. I have a lot of negative history with her, but I think it has finally hit me. She is 36.
 Quoting: AnonymousGirl

Does she have melanoma? So sorry, I pray she makes it through. I had stage I melanoma 11 years ago and they told me I was cured.

Did some research and it looks like it's not all that uncommon for it to come back. Apparently the cells like to hide and pop up again.

Prayers for you and your cousin.

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