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Message Subject Support thread for those with cancer, terminal illness, or any life altering physical ailment. For caregivers as well
Poster Handle Marisol
Post Content
Dichloroacetate Acid (DCA)

"DCA’s anti-cancer properties were discovered in 2007 by Evangelos Michelakis of the University of Alberta. In experiments on rats, Michelakis showed that DCA demonstrated dramatic action against a wide variety of cancers. He experienced a “eureka moment” when he saw that tumors of various types had been dramatically reduced over the course of a few short weeks.

Moreover, DCA showed very minimal disruption to healthy cells. “This is the so-called Holy Grail of cancer treatment,” remarked Michelakis at the time. But Michelakis, along with a host of other medical professionals, warned patients against self-medicating despite a spate of nascent websites offering the product.

In medical research the gold standard of acceptability of a treatment is a phase III clinical trial. There is only one problem: DCA is not patentable. It has already been used at least since the 1970’s in the treatment of a rare metabolic disorder and is generally well tolerated. Moreover, the chemical is simple and dirt cheap."

Check it out on the web; great information and it could be worth a try.

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