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Message Subject June 27th World Wide Contact
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Stay Here: The Good Guys - Pro Free Will

Leaving The Earth....never....to return:

The Bad Guys - Anti Free Will

- Chinese...Communists

- Russians ... Communists

- 90% of India

- Brazil

- South Africa

Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran,

Greek Communists, Cuba, Vietnam, of course North Korea.

You get the idea. Altogether about 3.9 Billion people.

Bon Voyage!!!

They will NOT survive the ascension process.

Leave now or leave later. Either way.....you're LEAVING !
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 51824367

Just my opinion... And I do dream big time!

You left a lot of details out didn't you. No need to scare the masses...

Earth was in trouble after using the H-Bomb in WW2. We were on a self destruct path. Something had to be done about EARTH!

They met and decided if we cannot interfere from the outside in because of 'free will', lets interfere from the inside out. We need volunteers to go to Earth and be born again, to help raise their frequencies. Simply being here on earth as an incarnate is a lot of positive karma from within.

This would explain the baby boomers and the huge population growth since WW2. Roughly 46% of Earth's population are volunteer souls.

When the upgrade is over, I would imagine those 46%, or most of them. Would simply choose to go back to their original bodies and go home.

That takes care of nearly half the population.

Next we have the problem of earth being over-populated with the 'LeftOvers'.

Thread: The Leftovers

Keep in mind Earth is more important than the humans living on it. They can always just start over if this experiment is a total wipe. But they don't want to, we have come along way with emotions and other internal things. It would be a waste. We are very special, supposedly the 'cream of the crop'. It is our thinking that is tarnished.

So what will happen to the remaining 54%, it is already happening. There are many here whom feel the incoming energy. They can feel it rise and absorb it and project it back out to others. Those individuals are the first wave. After the ships land thy will go to be trained. rained in how to enlighten others.

They will come back and try to teach others how to be better free willed humans living on Earth. Then another batch are ready to be teachers, to teach further.

We will go through a couple stages of this. Before we can finally weed out those humans whom are worthy enough to stay and Earth and help with her evolution.

I cannot remember if it is a 1/2 billion or 1/2 million that will stay, that is the most that will be allowed to stay on Earth. Else she is over populated.

The rest which is quite a bit. The 'Left Overs' will be off-loaded to other planets, moons or bio-spheres. To live out the remainder of their lives learning how to give up things like hate, money, greed and so forth.

Those that refuse the evacuations, will stay here and die. Earth will go through a re-birth of sorts. Everything man-made will be destroyed. Since souls never die. They will simply wake up after their death in their new bodies someplace else.

Earth is not ours, it never was...
 Quoting: Mr Casual

Earth is ours NOW!!!

You should know that there are 25 different timelines.

It's like a ribbon.

We are currently on the Best Case Scenario.

Take Friday June 27, 2014 off and just go to the beach.

There is nothing to fear.

The reptilians have been removed.
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