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Make illegal alien babies not subject to citizenship

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 58936611
United States
06/06/2014 07:11 PM
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Make illegal alien babies not subject to citizenship
If the United States amended the constitution and bill of rights to exclude illegal alien children from citizenship and exclude all such immigrants and they're children from all social and medical services would deter such immigration and system abuse here. Increasing penalties for these crimes as well as drug and violent crimes to death, and enforcing that law immediately, would free up resources to the American people.
Battlestar Valkyrie

User ID: 719889
United States
06/06/2014 07:17 PM
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Re: Make illegal alien babies not subject to citizenship
I think citizenship should be earned by all, not just given away.
All this has happened before, and will happen again.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 32939101
United States
06/06/2014 08:33 PM
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Re: Make illegal alien babies not subject to citizenship
Wake up morans, citizens = money for the company, the usa.

Who cares?

Until you all realize that we are all property of the corporation, all of this divide and conquer racism bullshit is just a distraction.

Immigration = MONEY. Each person born or naturalized as a citizen represents a lifetrust, which is identified by the birth certificate, social security number, or naturalized citizen ID number. Each unique number has a value, based on the predicted lifetime tax value of that individual. So every person represents any where from a few hundred thousand dollars to several million dollars. Every single person.

This company, the USA, is broke, as it has no gold, so in order to lend/print money, it needs more livestock, which holds value.

Don't be a racist because its easy and that is what you are programmed to do. Recognized you are a SLAVE, owned by the City of London/ Washington DC/ Vatican beast system.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 57918734

This type of truth is of no use here. People would much rather use nationalism, racism, and xenophobia to feel superior, than to admit that ALL of their generationally trusted institutions have been well crafted lies to hide the fact that we are all slaves. Governments, educational systems, medicine, religions- all lies to hide and feed the underlying system. Its easier to say "i hate brown people/ I'm better/ I won't be forced to pay or share, than to accept the truth.

Some will come around, most will resist, some simply can't even comprehend.

It's like white cows hating the brown and red cows while loving and trusting the farmer who is poisoning then, milking them, and killing them- and never even seeing the fences around the farm, or the sameness of the predicament of all of the other 'colors' of cattle.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13537205

How enlightened you are.

Funny, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa, all jealously protect their borders, culture, racial identity, but white people are suppose embrace replacement level immigration without complaint.

Whites are supposed to be endlessly tolerant, while other groups assert their ethnic interests.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 58925551

As long as you see color and 'race', you will fail to see the bigger picture.



where do you think you are? this human experience? you dont see bars, but you are an owned slave in a prison.

you cannot freely travel outside of you plantation of origin without permission (visa/ passport)

you cannot move to and work on another plantation without paperwork

you own nothing, not subject to the owners confiscation

you cannot pass along untaxed properties or holdings when you die

you are not granted easy access to wellness, only the sick-care for-profit industry of cut/drug/burn

you are drugged to be docile, confused, stupid, and immoral in food, water, drink, and air

you are manipulated by EMF technologies and television

you have no rights to privacy or not being searched

your food and water supply is controlled and contaminated, as is the air

your children are required to submit to institutionalized indoctrination

your labor is taxed to offset the costs of your keep, as well as enriching the wardens

everything else is a distraction, to keep us from seeing this

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 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 57918734