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Hilary Clinton an an Exterrestrial Hybrid or just a Secret Society Member interested? MARS AN EARTH has Alien Domes!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 58762144
United States
06/07/2014 02:04 PM
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Hilary Clinton an an Exterrestrial Hybrid or just a Secret Society Member interested? MARS AN EARTH has Alien Domes!
An August 4, 1995, memo by President Clinton’s Science Advisor, Dr Jack Gibbons, confirmed that the Clintons would be vacationing with Rockefeller at his Teton Ranch in Wyoming that summer, and they would discuss UFOs.

Hilary Clinton is interested in life out of earth and you can see her reading a book about it on any search engine image results.

Now here's some more shocking detail and further PROOF Hilary Clinton is either one of these numbers; 1) A hyrbid extraterrestrial
2) An extraterrestrial abudctee 3) She has secret connections with a Secret Society in the deep know.

Hillary encouraged husband (who is a former President) to declassify UFO information and there is evidence the Clintons discussed ALiens and UFOs with a BIllionaire.

I'm not talking about crazy people online ranting on internet blogs, real government ET conversations by real politicians.

If Hillary Clinton gets elected as president do you think she will do anything to investigate the UFO phenomenon?

Here is a slip up by Hilary Clinton to show that she has a DEEP< belief in extraterrestrials and SHE KNOWS SOMETHING!

Hillary delivered the public remark at the Mars Millennium Project kick-off held at the National Air & Space Museum. She spoke of modern movie themes, alien invasion ideas, and a positive future. Before you laugh this off read her public statement below;

When you look at popular culture today, positive images of the future are often hard to come by. You look at the movies that have tried to predict what will happen in the future, and we often see a lot of death and destruction and environmental degradation. It’s not just that people might live under domes on Mars, but they would have to live under domes here on this planet because of what we will have done to our environment. Or whether we will have to join together as human beings to stave off attacks from aliens in outer space, and then we’ll have to put aside our really petty differences—differences in our own country and differences among people around the world—to stand up for our common humanity . . . The logo of the Mars Project challenges us to picture a different kind of future. Not the one that is portrayed in the movies of our popular culture or in our worst nightmares, but instead one that really is filled with hope and possibility.[9]

Wait Hilary spoke about living under the Dome of Mars and aliens living on domes on EARTH!!!!!!!? Why would she say such a comment.....this was before NASA rover was on Mars perhaps it was just a "speculation" that aliens could be on Mars?

IS she giving away secrets as a key message to nerds who know the truth?

Hillary Clinton's card seems to fit perfectly right next to a secret I would say!

Hillary Clinton favours diplomatic ET response.

HILLARY CLINTON WEARS Phoenix Bird PIN used by the "Masters of the Illuminati".

Hilary Clinton gives out slip ups and secrets so here is another example,Hillary Clinton accidentally admits that the CFR runs this nation. [link to www.youtube.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 14776990
United States
06/07/2014 02:06 PM
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Re: Hilary Clinton an an Exterrestrial Hybrid or just a Secret Society Member interested? MARS AN EARTH has Alien Domes!
Who do you think they work for ?????