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same sightings in Perto Rico

User ID: 56897146
United States
06/09/2014 11:23 AM
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same sightings in Perto Rico
hi i have seen the same strange stars/ufo's in the island of Puerto Rico.my First sighting was on 8/2013-6/2014.Every night i scan thru the dark skies.but i see them from 3:30AM thru 5:00AM i know there not planes,helicopters,satelites,or flares.thay have no sound.some are stationary,and before starting tragectury they will flash or sparqle.when stationary they look just like stars,i have seen that when moving they move in a straight direction from A to B, no curves or change of direction.some will dim till no longer visible,some just travel till out of sight. whats going on in our skies that we dont know yet.