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Message Subject IRAQ/MIDDLE EAST: The Islamic State capture 237 Hell Fire missiles confirms Kurdish military sources!!!p.527
Poster Handle erin136
Post Content
Why does everyone want to invade Iraq is it oil.....

I don't know much about the annunaki but those people who believe in that have interest there.

Isn't that where Babylon was as well?

Then there is the Gilgamesh story which is from there as well.

That's all off the top of my head but I think all of these super powers are there continually for something other than oil.
 Quoting: erin136

Their groups name is ISIS as well.
 Quoting: javierruizleon

Isn't that odd...the mother wife and half sister of nimrod/Gilgamesh/osiris.

Thread: could it be true that he was found in Iraq and his remains being used to clone or recreate a once powerful leader

It seems that this morning before all this started culminating I asked some questions about this....it's a interesting coincidence to me to see this too now
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