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Message Subject IRAQ/MIDDLE EAST: Iraq's third-largest military base is in danger of falling to ISIS!!! ISIS Airforce Takes Off, Trained By Iraqi Officers!!p.527
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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PzFeed Top News ‏@PzFeed 24s
First 130 of 300 U.S. troops have arrived in Baghdad. NBC
 Quoting: < DL >

Crap all this makes me think is:

"How many troops? do we need to send to defend the Baghdad embassy "of course it will fall" but how many do we need to send to die to insight the American population to the necessity of re "invasion" for humanitarian and geopolitical reasons?

Hopefully if the MSM and Obama's declaration of the necessity, emergency of the situation elicits the appropriate response, a false flag attack will not be necessary.

However this eventual fail of Baghdad embassy plus false flag could quite effectively elicit:

1. Marshall Law via "National Emergency"
2. National Draft
3. Continuation of "War on Terror"

"If" necessary a "declaration of suspension" of periodic national elections.

A "true" ongoing declaration of "State of War".

Just hypothetically saying, hehe.
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