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Message Subject IRAQ/MIDDLE EAST: ISIS is plotting online to kill Western civilians with EBOLA and poisoned needles, Spanish security chief warns!!!p.527
Poster Handle firinne
Post Content
I have no doubt that the Saudis (west) are behind ISIS, but I believe the vast majority of ISIS grunts on the ground have no idea who they are really working for or why. In my opinion they are being used to form a new country carving out large portions of Iraq and Syria, this new country will have a moderate Sunni govt installed and will offer an alternative western freindly gas oil pipeline route from Qatar to Europe, in order to issollate Russia and Iran, and of course this oil and gas will be traded in dollars.

But so much can, and prob will go wrong.....Its a complete disaster but its actual western foreign policy in action. Thats why ISIS are being left alone (for now).

Good (old) article explaining the gas pipeline route angle...

[link to www.indiandefencereview.com]
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