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Message Subject IRAQ/MIDDLE EAST: ISIS is plotting online to kill Western civilians with EBOLA and poisoned needles, Spanish security chief warns!!!p.527
Poster Handle Anonymous Viking
Post Content
This is how USAF "bombs" the ISIS.

It's from Syria.

The article starts like that:

On Sunday, early in the morning, ISIS thugs and terrorists, were readied by their Zionist and Saudi ape handlers to invade the Qalamoon to recapture territory lost to the SAA in some very well-publicized battles two months ago. The ISIS started out behind Zionist lines in the Golan Heights and in the ‘Arsaal area of Lebanon where, right under the noses of the great Lebanteezian Army, they swept in - from south on the Golan across Al-Qunaytra, by-passed SAA-controlled Madinat Al-Ba’ath, and headed on a direct route to Al-Rankoos. The other side of the pincer, in Jurood ‘Arsaal, used a different route coming over unconventional roads southeast toward Al-Rankoos.

and here is the interesting part:

There would have been a thousand dead terrorists if the Zionist air force did not cover the withdrawal of the ISIS after it became obvious that the jig was up and the SAA was completely prepared to massacre them all in a series of perfectly laid traps all along both routes to the Golan and to Lebanon. SAA Air Defenses could see the Zionist aircraft on radar but chose not to disclose technology that the Russians jealously guard. Remember, there are S-300s at the Khaan Al-Shaykh Air Defense base which can knock down the Zionist intruders in seconds. That’s what the stinking Zionists want in order to get a fix on how the S-300 acquires its targets. No way, Shlomo! Take a Bromo!

Now, the Zionists claim that their aircraft strafed SAA positions in retaliation for an “intentional” attack on its territory which it claimed killed some imaginary child-rats. The evidence is in the intercepts that demonstrate clearly Zionist collusion in the terrorist war on Syria.

It is not only claiming that IDF, that is the Israeli Army, is backing up ISIS BUT SHOWS A CLEAR AND TESTED STRATEGY OF HOW USAF AND US MARINES ARE HELPING ISIS INSIDE IRAQ.

Way to go Murka....
New lows for you.

The article title is:
Author: Ziad Fadel / 1 day ago

Site is SyrianPerspective.
Google it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 59602297

Thank you for the good laugh, maniac from greece.
Almost worth a Sorcha Faal
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 59591635

Thank YOU for the good laugh, imbecile.

Fadi who owns the blog Syrian Perspective makes no secret of being pro-Syria/pro-Assad.

That being said, I have been reading that blog for over a year now and I can't recall ever reading something that was made up or a lie. Sure, lots of unknowns and assumptions but when he makes a major announcment it is 100% fact checked.

And anyone with half a brain (or who is not a shill) can read source A and verify it through source B, in this case western MSM which can't lie constantly, even they have to report the truth sometimes, like when Homs fell recently.
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