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So be it Saith the Holy Lord God


User ID: 71005
United States
07/05/2006 02:57 PM

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So be it Saith the Holy Lord God
From: godsword
To: Godsword
Sent: Friday, June 30, 2006 12:08 AM
Subject: Prophecy #1191

This I am instructed to post by My Lord God Jesus Christ.

This is the Prophecy and the interpretation of the tongues of Raymond
Aguilera's Prophecy #1191. [link to prophecy.org]

#1191 Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 August 1998 at 3:36 PM
Note: This Prophecy was given to me when I was doing the sound
files. The Lord stopped me and gave me the following.

(Non-understandable Tongues)

The meat is ready! The meat is ready My sons and My daughters. I,
the God of Heaven, of the eorld, of all that is, and of all that is
going to be, I tell you the Words of God, of Heaven, of the world, of
all that there is, with the Force of the Holy Spirit, with the Force
of My Son Jesus, with the Force of the Father. It has arrived the meat
that I told you about before, in years past. My little face (I believe
these are affectionate words in Spanish.) My little face, My little
face. Why? Why? Why? (Non understandable Tongues.) I tell you the
Word of God.

Listen to My Words My children. I have just given you a message in
Tongues. If you believe you can decipher it, if you believe you are in
touch with your God - interpret and release the Words. For the Words I
have just given you in Tongues will release the enter most secrets of
the events that are about to pass. The Things of God are Forceful, are
straight to the point, are righteous, are clean, are truthful. Most of
you heard the woes of President Clinton. Most of the nation does not care!



This I type at the command of My Lord And God Jesus Christ.

On this 30th day of June, 2006, 12:22 Am. Having no idea of what I
will type.

This is what will happen to the world in the very near future. Within
three months you will see the start of war, There will be first
terrorist attack on America which will shake the people of the
country, and it will be so severe that the rest of the world will be
shocked also. Then you will see North Korea invade South Korea, You
will see president Bush murdered by his daughter, and Chaney will then
become the president of this country America. After this you will see
many laws in America thrown out in the name of security all freedoms
will be lost in America under Chaney, Then will come the missile from
North Korea which will reach California it will have a nuclear tip on
it and will do much damage It will get by the defenses of America
because the early warning system will fail at a critical time. Within
days after America destroys North Korea, Russia, China, Mexico, and
several other nations will join together, and using the attack by
America against the aggression of North Korea as an excuse will then
attack America with nuclear missiles, and with some nuclear bombs that
are already in the country. Cheney will know of this in advance and
will deliberately not take any action to stop it. Within days amidst
the hurt and confusion in America, there will come the Invasion by
soldiers who will love to kill for the shear pleasure of killing, They
will be controlled by the antichrist even though he will not yet be
know to the world, There will be a great outcry by the organized
churches against the true Christians, and the non believers will turn
and attack the churches and all the Christians bringing great
persecution upon the American Christian. The soldiers will add to
this, using it as an excuse to implement the mark of the beast, they
will call it something else, but will use it as a means of hunting,
and tracking down Christians, Jews, Negros, and others they will hate.
Then there will be a great falling away of those who call themselves
Christian, but in a little while they will see the true Christians who
will be helping people with miracles, and they will turn to the
Apostles, and the prophets that I have placed in America, and there
will come a great harvest of souls. Only then will I come for my
children, for my bride. Be aware that the invading soldiers will
destroy all the sick, all the prisoners, all the old, all the Negros,
for the antichrist hates all of them. The negro today who has embraced
Islam are being tricked, for Islam hates the blacks. Yes Jack this is
the interpretation of prophecy #1191, for you have been chosen to
release this to the people. They will not believer you, But that is
their problem. I have sent my messages through you many times and they
have rejected almost all of them. So be it Saith the Holy Lord God.
The war will start when I have told you that it will. The things which
I have told you will all come to pass. Now release this to the list,
and publish it to prophecy link, and publish it everywhere.


I release this Interpretation of Tongues in Prophecy #1191, as My Lord
God has commanded me to do.

With the Love of Jesus
Jack Barr

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 113029
United States
07/05/2006 02:59 PM
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Re: So be it Saith the Holy Lord God
God told me to tell you to tell him to stop lying and to leave him the hell out of it.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 113025
United States
07/05/2006 03:04 PM
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Re: So be it Saith the Holy Lord God
little star
User ID: 14235
United States
07/05/2006 03:07 PM
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Re: So be it Saith the Holy Lord God
This almost made me laugh. What a crock of camel dung.
Speaking in tongues, ha ha ha, what a joke.
I see so many loop holes in this article its quite funny.
I am a very good student of Gods Word and your info is way to far to the left side. This is the kind of stuff satan uses to decieve in the latter day. The flood of lies are coming out like a broken dam.

Would you like to debate on all of this. The bible will chew this up like it is a piece of "meat", ha ha.
Anti-Christ here, ha ha, talk about blind leading the blind. There is a point in time when satan will come defacto here on earth. No man shall have satans spirit put into him to play the part of the anti-christ. That is one of the biggest mistakes. Furthermore 3 months and all hell is going to break loose. Plus Bush's daughter killing her own dad? Yea right.
Anyone believing this story as a Christian needs to have their arse kicked.
Those who do what was done in this thread saying God spoke to them and He did not are condemed. Bible says so. Yea, I hear lots of would be Christians saying "God spoke to me today, and he told me to buy chocolate icecream instead of vanilla."
Yea right! This story fits that type of senario.
Tho walkest closer to God than the rest , huh?
I hope this bites you.
blessings to all.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 110692
United States
07/05/2006 03:09 PM
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Re: So be it Saith the Holy Lord God
God told me all of that is bullshit. God is pissed about people like you and pres george w. bush telling others your affiliation with him in respect to the lies purveyed.

God told me not to worry about it Your ass will be smitten.
little star
User ID: 14235
United States
07/05/2006 03:11 PM
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Re: So be it Saith the Holy Lord God
I don't normally respond to articles like this. But this one takes the cake.
Mel114 your avatar tells it like it is.
Satan also has a rainbow around him.
Just like your dragon. Funny how you chose a dragon as your avatar.
Blessings to all.