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Message Subject President Obama again calls the United States the 'Homeland' - DOUBLESPEAK!
Poster Handle Taewen
Post Content
From the very first time I heard Bush say until now...it makes me sick. Too much like the "motherland". They really should quit saying it!! And get rid of "homeland" security branch or rename it at least!!
 Quoting: Guess Who2

Same here. Sounds like WW2 Russia or Germany.

Homeland, Motherland...sick.

It has permeated our culture since then in politics, law enforcement and television and film.

It is all orchestrated and very 1984.
 Quoting: Donkey Jaw

And like an earlier poster said, you just get used to hearing it. The only way to resist this kind of thing is to be aware of it. Being able to pick up on the phrases they shove in our faces (but oh so subtly) has proven to be very revealing.
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