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Message Subject President Obama again calls the United States the 'Homeland' - DOUBLESPEAK!
Poster Handle Taewen
Post Content
Had to quote this here from another thread.

The German word for homeland is Heimat.

Heimat was a power word in Hitlers propaganda campaign.

The specific aspects of Heimat — love and attachment to homeland — left the idea vulnerable to easy assimilation into the fascist "blood and soil" literature of the National Socialists since it is relatively easy to add to the positive feelings for the Heimat a rejection of anything foreign, that however is not there necessarily. It was conceived by the Nazis that the volk community is deeply rooted in the land of their heimat through their practice of agriculture and their ancestral lineage going back hundreds and thousands of years. The Third Reich was regarded at the deepest level as the sacred heimat of the unified volk community—the national slogan was One Reich, One Volk, One Führer. Those who were taken to Nazi concentration camps were those who were officially declared by the SS to be "enemies of the volk community" and thus a threat to the integrity and security of the heimat.[3]

Prior to the presidency of George Bush the lesser, the word homeland was not used in the United States. The lesser Bush attempted to use the word in the same way Hitler did in order to promote jingoistic fascism in our country.

The Department of Homeland Security is the American equivalent of the Gestapo.

It was no accident that the Bush regime hired ex-Stasi administrators to help get DHS off the ground.
 Quoting: fnord 54972413

Every time I hear this word 'homeland' I know the context is to forward an agenda that does not bode well for the United States as we know it.

Hear the word - be wary. Prior to the 9/11 attack I was unable to find ANY reference to the USA being referred to as 'the homeland'.
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