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Message Subject Iranian President Blames Obama for ISIS Terrorists, “We Warned the U.S. for Over a Year…”
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No disrespect OP, but, what about the long term threat of a caliphate?
 Quoting: Jeffersons Blackberry

The Caliphate is a bed time story for the willing to fight for their agenda. I have said this so many times on here, once they realized they didn't get their caliphate (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, here in Egypt/Sinai) they will turn on the hand that fed them. And THERE lies the danger. And meanwhile the House now cares about NSA spying on citizens and to get info you have to get a "warrant' - that after the whole "hands off list" got leaked.
Come on...This whole thing if you read the link in my thread I posted earlier, just stinks.
These "Caliphate" stooges just further the agenda that always ends in foreign intervention and troops on the ground. There a picture that circulated during our uprising last year when we got rid of Morsi, it shows the islamic "protesters" holding signs "we are idiots" "bomb us next" etc...(photoshop of course) but that was to make the point.
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