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Message Subject Obama-appointed judge: Border fence is racist against Mexicans
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Simply, they're criminals period! Doesn't matter what race color or creed they are they broke laws coming here period! They're criminals and have no rights except a fair trial!

If they want to come here as our elders did they can apply for citizenship and wait until it is obtained just like our elders did (Ellis Island) when they came here. Fleeing persecution etc etc is no excuse. That's like saying I broke the speed limit because the guy in the car next to me called me "Whitey", so if I'm ticketed it's a racial thing.

What other countries have open borders? Does Mexico have an open border? Do they let you just traipse across the border anytime you please? Give me a break! The Grabberment needs to see that this BS doesn't cut it. I'll bet 99.9% of the GLPers here don't believe the crap spewing out of these politicians. Am I wrong?
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