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Message Subject Is Wicca evil?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The number of wars and people who have died in the name of Wicca is atrocious, satan himself is at work with these horrible nature worshipping murdering demons....

Oh wait that was Christianity, they actually killed wiccas who did noting back....

Tell me where does the evil exist.

The enemy of chirtsianity is knowledge, only the naive can continue follow christianity and to scare people from finding truths in this world they dangle satan worshipping off of any religion or way of life that threatens their dominance over the mind of the feeble

Tell me the last time a Wicca tried to covert you....

This bullshit lower initiates argument is getting thin, we will make you into wonderful nature and peace loving individuals and then when your are completely devout we will switch and have you eat bunny hearts to achieve great wealth and power....fuck off!
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