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Message Subject Is Wicca evil?
Poster Handle Neon_Knight
Post Content
Well, it's page 3 so I'm too late to be read or understood.

Nevertheless, if it helps one person:

Wicca is evil because it is a practice of taking matters into your own hands to achieve ego-based goals.

Let's pretend Wicca was about ensuring the crops will be bountiful, which is what you hear all the time about the source of Wicca. Well, the first thing we notice is that we do not trust God to provide for us. We do not trust that if crops *ARENT* bountiful, for whatever reason, that there isn't a greater purpose behind it in the grand scheme of things.

Therefore, Wicca is a reactionary practice driven by fear, envy and mistrust of Creator. This alone tells you who THEIR God is, the God who thrives off of fear.

One who is in touch with a benevolent God knows, for a certainty, that God provides. Needs are covered and wants are materialistic and envious.

This is why a proper prayer is always a prayer of thanksgiving, and never a prayer of request.
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