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Message Subject Is Wicca evil?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Alright /thread

Wicca is not paganism nor is it anything more then a selling gimic to the naive.

Neo and reconstruction paganism are not the demonized slaughtering barbarians we;ve been told. Fact they were more prosperous and effcient then the Catholic empires that sought to stamp out any free thinking or freeform religion.

The reality is Good and evil are non exsistent in the natural world, we only observe chaos and order.

The young halk fights in the sky with the old halk for territory and thus, niether are evil they just are just as it all is.

No creator, just creation.

Oh and just a reminder that hellenistic pagans brought us the most advanced and free society before catholicism ( which is just a control mechanism based on fear ) adopted the traditions of the surrounding peoples as thier own. This is why everyone has to constantly remind chritians and catholics thier religion is just a modification of germanic and celtic paganism, it is not a religion onto itself. It's very foundations are built on pagan principles and truths.
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