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Message Subject Is Wicca evil?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A little reminder for you militant Christians who talk shit about your pagan origins.

Monday - Moons Day - Pagan observance of the moon
Tuesday - Tyr's Day - Norse god
Wednesday - Woden's/Odin's Day - Norse god
Thursday - Thor's Day -Norse God
Friday - Frigg's Day - Norse Goddess
Saturday - Saturn's Day - Roman God
Sunday - Sun's Day - Pagan observance of the sun

January - Dedicated to the Roman God Janus
February - Februa, Roman purification ritual
March - Dedicated to the Roman God Mars
April - Attributed to Venus and/or Aphrodite
May- Dedicated to Greek Goddess Maia
June- Dedicated to Roman Goddess Juno
July- Dedicated to Julius Ceasar, dictator of Rome
August- Dedicated to Augustus, Emperor of Rome

Christmas - Pagan celebration of Yule (Yuletide sound familiar?)
Christmas Tree- Germanic pagan ritual
Mistletoe - Norse ritual for Frigga
Wreath - Various pagan celebrations
Gathering around a christmas fire- Burning of the Yule log
Singing carols - Yuletide pagan custom

Halloween - Pagan celebration of the fall harvest
Costumes - Pagan use for hiding identity during celebrations

Thanksgiving - Multiple pagan celebrations

Hell - Hel/Helheim adaptation of Norse mythology

Your middle eastern cult merely adopted the European lifestyle. Damn near everything you do and say has some ties to paganism. Every time you celebrate some holiday like Christmas or call out a day and month you are giving remembrance to a multitude of religions that existed WAY before Christianity. If you live in Europe and even in some parts of the U.S. you live in areas that are named after pagans or pagan name in origin.

Everytime you talk shit about pagans or paganism you instantly become a walking hypocrisy because society as a whole never shed its past of paganism. Hell, even the basis of Roman/Greek/Early English law centred around the customs and views of PAGANS.

Ultimately Christianity filled in the gaps of whatever it could to blend itself into early European life. That's the only way Christianity was able to flourish while Islam, a religion that refuses to mix with other cultures, failed to take hold without conquest.

So keep talking shit. If Christianity never tried imitating pagans or pagan customs it never would've been adopted as the official Roman religion.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 48165599

Nice try SATAN!!

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 43136927

[link to dictionary.reference.com]


Education was obviously lost on you.
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